What's a Virtual CMO?

So your business is going well, and you know that in order to get to the next level you are going to have to add some experts to your team. From a marketing perspective, you may have been doing this yourself, or created a marketing by committee approach...


How's that working for you?


In my experience, most organizations find that their "real" work gets in the way of the important work of marketing your business. This leads to missed deadlines, poor messaging, and unaccountable campaigns.  Every marketing initiative is like a fire drill. Lots of activity, but when its all done, not much has really happened. 


Another common scenario that I find is that many businesses hire a very junior marketing person that is simply a "yes" person to the CEO.  There may be execution, but there is no strategy or debate associated with direction and messaging. This most often results in doing the same old thing that delivers in the same old results.


The need.


Most growing organizations need expert marketing help. Marketing is now too complex for most to understand, let alone execute. Marketing is about brand, messaging and channel.  Good marketers now help clients to buy, rather than sell.  It's about inbound marketing focusing on great content.  It's about well thought out campaigns that are  executed flawlessly and measured six ways to Sunday. It's about the why, not about the what.  It's about understanding what is good about the tactics born on Madison Avenue and being able to combine them with what's good about Instagram and the other digital channels. 


An option.


What we described above is the work that a good Chief Marketing Officer would produce.  A CMO is well north of 6 figures to bring on board.  That's a lot of overhead to commit to for an unproven commodity. As a smart business owner, ideally you would like to make sure that the CMO role will be one that will be revenue positive rather than a BIG expense. 


Let's paint a picture.  What if you could have all the expertise and execution of a CMO and get it for 75% off the sticker price? What if the CMO role came with a self contained team that ensured that the work would get done.  On time. On budget. What if after 6 months, you were given the option to hire someone full-time for the now proven role of CMO, or eliminate the role, or continue to outsource the role?  Sounds like options that make sense to a sensible CEO.


Take a peek at our Client Experience page to see how this has worked out for other sensible CEO's


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