Stop the Madness

I've come across more and more CMO's comments on the madness of organizations trying to be all channel to their audience. Why do we think we have to be active on every platform? Do you think your B to B client is really interested in Pinterest, SnapChat, and Facebook?

The madness needs to stop.

First, each channel needs to have postings that are native to their audience. It's not enough just to mail in duplicate content and hope for the best.

Second, I would suggest that 95% of your audience lives professionally socially on just one channel - most likely that's LinkedIN.

The number 1 point that I have suggested for B to B clients wanting to grow their business, is to go narrow and go deep. Narrow your offering so that you become the best there is for that space. The same is true for the social channel that you want to nurture.

Learn about LinkedIN, understand best practices, look at the group opportunities, understand the content options, and most of all, post something that has real meaning and value for your audience.


Remember your audience is now making a buying decision on your online content. They don't want to talk to you until they have been influenced by what they consume from online sources.

Focus on what they want to read, watch and listen to. Place it in the channel that makes sense. Rinse Lather, Repeat.


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