20% Email Open Rate - What's the Secret?

Like everyone, I was getting tired of getting excited about a 2 or 3% open rate on email marketing campaigns. What's to get excited about? That result just means that you are just above being pathetically average.

So I took a different tact.

What if you said in an email what everyone is thinking about, but no one wants to talk about? Following that course, I mapped out an email for a client that was a vendor at a large conference. Each of the 100's of vendors had one chance to send an email to get attendees to come to their booth. There was the usual throw up of come to our booth and get FREE STUFF or a BIG DISCOUNT.


I knew that the organizers had set up lunch strategically in the middle of the vendors - meaning that all the attendees had to go through the vendors to get lunch. So I created this email that achieved a 24% open rate.

SUBJECT LINE: Top 3 Tactics to avoid those annoying vendors on your way to lunch.

COPY: Ok - we've all done it. You need to eat the FREE lunch at the conference, and of course it's strategically located in the middle of the vendor booths. Here are 3 tips to get in and get out without having to deal with those annoying vendors:

Avoid Eye Contact at All Costs- Wear mirrored sunglasses and look straight ahead. Stay in the middle of the aisle. DO NOT SWAY.

If you have to Make Eye Contact - Just ask for FREE Stuff from the vendor and then start mumbling

Wear a Surgical Mask. If you're stopped by a vendor, tell them you're just en-route to the clinic to be tested for Ebola.

I went on to describe our offering and how the reader could get some value without coming to our booth. As it turned out we had a throng of attendees come to our booth telling us that was the best email that they had received at the conference.

The lesson here? Get out of your comfort zone and get into the heads of the folks that you are trying to reach. Talk about something that no one wants to talk about - but they are thinking about.

It's time to get excited about a 20%+ open rate...


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