Big Bank On Brand…. or Not?

I was in my bank which shall remain nameless (It’s the Green one that starts with a T). Needed to do some deposits to a couple of accounts and was greeted by a teller that obviously had just gone through the “Here is what you need to say when you engage with a customer course to stay on Brand”.

The conversation went something like this…

Hello Mr Heppenstall and how is your day going

“Just fine – thank you”

So what are you doing for the rest of the day Mr Heppenstall

“Not much, dinner and some reading”

So what are doing after your reading today?


What other exciting things are you doing today?

” I told you already – can we just deposit the cheques?”

” What are you doing tomorrow”

At this point, I just got real quiet, as I realized that this was part of the brand script that was being horribly executed.

Here’s the lesson… It is great to have Brand speak, but it is only effective if the Brand ambassadors are understanding of the SPIRIT of the speak rather than the script.

Time to go another layer deep on the training oh Big Green Bank that begins with a T


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