What is a Brand?


A brand is not just your logo.  It's everything you do in your business.  It's your packaging, it's how you send an email, it's how you treat your employees, it's what you do for your customers, it's what you do to make the world a better place, and most important, it's what differentiates you in the market


Today, with most people being bombarded with over 3500 messages per day, it's important to take your brand seriously.  Your brand must stand out. It must create an emotion with your stakeholders.  It must resonate with your target audience, and ultimately, it must define clearly what you do. 


I have been fortunate to have gone through over 100 branding exercises in my time.  The process that I follow is recognized as one of the best in the industry.  I believe a brand is built by understanding your target audience or buyer persona.. Then creating an inclusive approach with customers, employees, and stakeholders to build the brand out.  The process is calculated, strategic, measurable and engaging.  It is the cornerstone for all of your marketing.  


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Download a template on how to build your customer persona.


Some of the Brands that I have helped to build:

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